Unleash the Power of Dragons with Soltera: Convergence of Dragons Playing Cards

These dragon-themed playing cards blend stunning artwork, high-quality craftsmanship, and endless possibilities for both tabletop gamers and card collectors. 

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Exceptional Quality Playing Cards - Cards Built to Last

Each deck is designed and manufactured with quality in mind first to meet or exceed the standards of even the most discerning card collector.

Card Features:

  • Made from Premium German card stock
  • 310gsm card thickness
  • Black core inner layer
  • Gloss linen texture
  • Card back foil designs

4 Beautifully Illustrated Decks to Choose From

Each deck features:

  • 4 uniquely illustrated fantasy court card races
  • 4 uniquely illustrated dragon Ace cards
  • 4 uniquely illustrated Joker dragon skull cards
  • 2 metallic dragons & 2 chromatic dragons
  • Card backs with foil designs
  • Rules for fantasy-themed card games we designed specifically for these 4 joker card decks

Deck Choices:

  • Gold Dragons vs Red Dragons
  • Silver Dragons vs Black Dragons
  • Copper Dragons vs Green Dragons
  • Bronze Dragons vs Blue Dragons 

Soltera: Convergence of Dragon Playing Cards


The Quality You Deserve

Luxurious Look & Feel

Foiled Back Cards

Exquisite Artwork and Craftsmanship

Awe-Inspiring dragons brought to life on high-quality cards.

Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy with our meticulously illustrated dragon-themed artwork.

Experience the magic of dragons like never before.

Customizable Dragon Decks

With 4 unique decks to choose from, Gold vs Red, Silver vs Black, Copper vs Green, and Bronze vs Blue dragons... Soltera Playing Cards offer endless possibilities.

Mix & Match

  • Each deck shares the same card back design
  • Mix and match decks to create your own legendary dragon combinations

Standard Playing Cards + Table-top Gaming Immersion Tool

  • Soltera playing cards can be used for any standard playing card game
  • Includes rules for fantasy-themed designed card games that take advantage of the uniquely designed (4) joker cards
  • Game Masters can use them as role-playing tools for total game immersion in scenes where the player characters play cards

Premium Decks -Kickstarter Exclusive 

For the true collectors and enthusiasts, Soltera offers limited edition decks and enticing add-ons. Backers will have the opportunity to choose from standard decks or upgrade to limited edition premium versions.

Kickstarter Exclusive Deck Features:

  • All of the features in the standard decks
  • Gold foil card backs
  • Gold-gilded card edges
  • 2-color foil tuck box design
  • Embossed tuck box features

Kickstarter Exclusive Gold Edition Decks


Embossed 2-color Foiled Tuck Box

Gold Foil Card Backs Brings Out The Magic

Gold-gilded Edges

Get An Exclusive Discount!

We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!